Nigeria react to military plans to monitor social media for anti-govt activities.

Today, Director of Defence Information, Major-General John Enenche, said that the activities of Nigerians on social media is now being monitored for hate speech, anti-government and anti-security information, by the military.

Nigerians on social media aren't happy with the news and they've been reacting to it mostly saying its an attempt to gag citizens' expression of their feelings through the use of social media.

No amount of intimidation by Nigerian Army can gag citizens' expression of their feelings through the social media.

Fellow . In light of  announcement, I hereby retire from  twitter with immediate effect & alacrity Thanks

Fuck the Nigerian army and Fuck the Nigerian government you all are very stupid! Catch me if you can 😗

The Nigerian army has left its duty of defending citizens, it is now gagging freedom of speech. Shame on the Nigerian army

Nigerian Army declare war on social media users...clown country

Instead of the Presidency to direct the Nigerian Army to go after the Rats in the villa they are after the social media. okay na

Can someone remind the Nigerian Army that Social Media isn't the reason Nigeria is in a mess? Gagging Nigerians is not why we have the Army! 

New post: The Nigerian Army Monitors Social Media For Anti-Government And Anti-Military Information.
Me :

The Nigerian Army can actually monitor posts on social media. [If they have the equipment]

Naija Is Now A Clown From Pres Buhari..To Rats..To Nigerian Army! Only God Knows D Next Joke Coming Soon

@HQNigerianArmy wants to gag citizens, while boko haram and herdsmen are on a free ride killing citizens.
Is that not stupidity???

by Linda Ikeji at 23/08/2017 8:12 PM
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